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Roland’s new song ‘Love, Summer’ is a goodbye letter from summer. The song is reminding the listener about the good memories with friends, family and special person that you’ve made together. Summer is a freeing season, where you have the feeling and the possibility to do anything. Travel. Love. Enjoy the sunshine. That’s what it is about.

‘Love, Summer’ was written with a nostalgic feeling, and pictures, memories showing up in his mind’s vision.

Roland Sepsi is a Transylvanian singer-songwriter based in Cluj-Napoca. Creating pop sounding songs, with some very famous inspirations like Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, Dua Lipa. His greatest passion, music, helps him express his experiences through the power of sound and melody. Sometimes a specific circumstance is masked with something totally irrelevant to the topic he is writing about.

Creative. A word that also includes the meaning of unusual. Roland is not a usual person, a usual artist. He sees the great in small things, and the ways you can use anything in this world to create art.

Roland studied at a local Hungarian school, and graduated. During his high school years, he started to work on his passion more seriously. Gradually he took on more, and more in regards to arts – information, skills, experiences and work.

The goal that he has set is to inspire through his music.

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